Denver DK Players Guild

A locals only group of gamers in the Denver Metropolitan area that meet monthly for tournaments. Open to local area residents!

Thanks for your interest in DenverDK! We're always looking for more people to join our ranks, and people to cheer us on. We're a fun group started by a guy and a group of friends he met through playing arcade games regularly.

Why We Play Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong brings out some of the best qualities for competitive gaming—it's elegant in that it's both simple to control but difficult to master. It has no known roof to possible high scores, so people are always trying to find new ways to squeeze an extra 100 points here and there. The competition is so heated that they made a hit movie about it and there are annual world-wide tournaments held three decades after it's release, which have come to Colorado, thanks to some awesome people. The only problem is, now that we have the world tournaments here, isn't it about time we had a world record holder live here? Heck, we don't even have a Coloradoan in the top ten players.

That's where DenverDK comes in—we want to foster competition locally, so we can show people from Canada, Australia, Japan, and all the other out-of-towners that we deserve to hold the championships here in Denver, Colorado. Fostering a gaming community affords us opportunties we would not have alone. Of course, the reality of it is we also want to have fun!